Trying to not try

I love reading blogs. Sitting down with a cup of tea, and my (what used to be Google Reader-RIP) array of blogs is my delicious treat at the end of the day. Once the kids are down, and the stories read, I tend to collapse. Exhausted into a puddle somewhere, and just remove myself from reality for a second.

So I thought, why not have a stab at it myself. It’s not my first try, and I suspect I’ll get lazy and forget about it after a bit, bit I will give it a go. Who knows, I may even find direction at some point. 

But for now, I’ll try not to try too hard. I’ll also try not to be unrealistic. My kiddies give me great, great pleasure, but by all the gods, they are hard work!

Here they are…




Trouble. Part One and Part Two.

I loves them I do – This can be said safely, because I am writing this at 7:54 pm, and they are in bed BLISS!

So, that’s me for today, over and out.



p.s (writing this to myself, as no-one reads this… Is there a spell check here? I suspect I desperately need it.


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