A day that was quietly intense

I am a serial Faffer. I don’t even know what that word means, but I am told by Tom that it means I don’t sit down. This makes a day at home with the kids a trial. I DO things. Everything. And to be able to achieve everything I set out to do, I need to involve the kiddies, even if it means screaming arguments between my two helpers, the volume and violence of which inevitably sets my teeth on edge.

Juniper is usually the winner of these conflicts. By sheer force of will, determination and lung size, my girl has fast become a walking opinion. I mean, would you mess with this?


All in all, and despite this, it was a good day. Markets attended in the morning, shopping, lunch, a library visit, an afternoon concert, chairs constructed, artwork started, homemade pizza in the evening… And then the bedtime insanity starts, and I can’t even begin to describe this fiasco and it’s rapid decline into insanity.

Here is some footage regardless.








Ahhh sugary Cupcake goodness for the lass, and the Croissant is inevitably the little man’s second breakfast of choice.


And finally;

Happiness is a bowl of wilty pretty Roses in the evening. Thank goodness for Roses (everything else in my garden smells oddly of Peanut Butter, or is a shrivelled bundle of sticks. (Thanks Hawkes’ Bay Summer.)



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