If you haven’t got anything nice to take pictures of, take no pictures at all?

At times I feel like, although I ramble away to myself in my head constantly, I really haven’t got a lot of value to add to the cyber world (I know, shocking right). At the same time, my constant companionable voice of conflict chimes in with an argument to the contrary.

So, instead of action I chose inaction , as action leaves me much to open to injury. The problem with inaction though, is that it is dull. Reeeeally dull.

The voice, or tone of the blogs I read and love are always so idyllic and addictive in their beauty, and it is this that I am looking to simulate in this space.

Don’t they say it is the sincerest form of flattery?

About myself then. A bit at a time, so not to bore. My house…


I think the thing I love most about it is the sense of light. Even in the cooler darker spaces, there is still a feel of calm to the house. This has nothing to do with its inhabitants, as we are a frenetic and high paced bunch. To me though, this is one of the main ingredients in the design of spaces to accommodate people, space (or an illusion of) and light. The room in the image below is my favourite ((today) I am a fickle soul).



Excuse my photography, I am VERY much a beginner.

Rightio, that’s enough irrelevant gibbering for me today.



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