At that moment, the one where I think I have finally nailed it.  Kitchen tidy, kids showered, washing in, kids in bed, I go and do something foolish and muntery* like drop a carton of yoghurt on the floor as I’m prepping my first** dessert. At that moment, one of the smalls decides they need to go to the toilet for the first time, and thus begins the nightly rigmarole.

Drink, toilet, fights, drink, drink, toilet, fightfightargue… etc. I feel I am underselling the absolute adventure it is each night for the kids to finally fall exhausted into their beds after another evening of defiance and conflict. Every. Single. Evening. Especially if I am particularly knackered, oh they can smell a tired parent from a mile away!

Along the way, I try to fill the afternoons with idyllic activities I feel befitting of childhood. Unfortunately, the smalls don’t think these same activities are as idyllic as I do, and spend most of the time requesting we head straight home and watch David Attenborough/Ninjego/Sponge Bob or whatever the current popular program is at the time. 



Today we went berry picking, Blueberries (proof above), which I was stoked about. Kids? Not so. Smallest lost her hat one too many times, eventually throwing her carton of berries onto the ground in disgust and proceeding to scream until I gave in and and went back to soothe her. Sometimes I feel like she is the master of manipulation and she is only two, heaven help us when she is a teen.

Anyway. I finally cleaned up the yoghurt, and the smalls are suspiciously quiet. So I can finally sit and attempt my fifth ever post. Blimey! This is definitely the longest journal I have created since I was in my early teens and had a wicked crush on a lad that I just had to tell my diary at the time about; You know the ones, with a tiny little lock and a key. The thought of which, in the wrong hands, would have caused embarrassment and shame beyond my 13 year old ability to comprehend (luckily I only had three teenage entries at the time to worry about.)

Jeez, wandering mind at all?

Finally, I’m going to give olives a go. We have some hanging around on a couple of trees out back, so why not. Possibly they are poisonous, or perhaps not even olives at all..? Time will tell.Image

Look Tom, it’s your lunch next week. Delicious.

Right, that’s me signing out.



*not a word (obv), but brought to life for the sake of an appropriate adjective

**shamefully in our household it is not uncommon to sink about three desserts before entirely satisfied. (Not kids though, they get fruit-haha)


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