The chickens are restless… And trying to eat my progeny

Good evening. It’s sticky hot here in the heart of Hawkes’ Bay. Like blazing, uncomfortable, can’t sit still as it seems to seep into the bones, but can’t move as the heat seems to follow like a mound of woollen blankets. Incidentally, as I say this, the air does seem to be cooling, but I suspect I’ll still go into the kids room tonight when they are sound asleep, and freak out at the amount of sweat a two year old can produce in her sleep.

On a quest for something a bit different this afternoon, we went to a local park, and got harassed by some chickens. They were seriously all up in our business, like this.


and this



Juje was all like GET OUTTA MAH FACE LADY!!  Only in a much more angry type voice. Leo was loving it, in kind of a timid, antsy way.

And then I thought, hey, the kids are tired and have had a long day, why not drag them to get some walnuts. I mean, how idyllic is the thought of gathering walnuts in the late summer sunshine. Unfortunately, the trip involved rather a lot more temper than I had bargained for. I’m not sure why I didn’t bargain for more, it is one of the inevitabilities of my fiery lass. Anyway, as proof of the idyllic nature of the sojourn, see below.



Look how lovely it appears.

Now look.


And now closer…



See that angry pixie in the grass? Ah my baby.


And that was today in a walnut shell. 

Idyllic? Maybe in the pictures, with the sound down. 




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