Feeling aged and nostalgic

I took my little boy to school for a visit last week. I know it is the biggest cliche in the book, but I spent the whole time biting the inside of my cheeks, willing myself not to cry. There he was, meeting an entire new group of friends with ease and grace (can a four year old have grace?)

I was massively proud of him, but at the same time, heart-wrenchly aware of the lightning pace our smalls are growing up. They are still little, and we still get the (dubious) pleasure of two or three visits in the night for a cuddle, but FIVE years old! I mean, it feels like such a short time ago I was walking in the hills with him toddling behind at his own leisurely pace, looking at snails and picking up leaves.


And now look!



Gah! I know kids start school on a daily, but I was embarrassingly choked up at the thought.

And a token post of the girl this evening. The kids were watching the Pharrell song ‘Happy’ Leo was cutting some shapes, but Juje was mesmerised by all the fancy dancing. See…


I can’t tell if she was impressed or not. this lady has mastered (seriously) the art of the poker face. If you tell her off, this will be the look you get. Unless she feels like being dramatic, and then it is like the end scene off the Titanic.

Goodnight my babies, thanks for being (mostly) good while your dad is away.



One thought on “Feeling aged and nostalgic

  1. Serious wellage (not a word but sooooo appropriate in this case) at those beautiful photos of your beautiful boy, actual tears! It was a shock to see how grown up he is now! You make such beautiful little people xxx

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