Travelling with children, why!


The smalls were asleep north of eleven o’clock last night. My god. And then, foolishly I thought perhaps we might benefit from all sleeping in the same bed. You see, I have these delusions that going on a road trip with the kids will be a breeze and great fun.

Perhaps it will be one of those occasions I can look back upon and laugh at, but for now I’m lying in bed trying to ignore them as they have the gall to be awake and it isn’t even seven am. This means, I am entirely convinced, they day is going to be absolute rubbish. The kids will be exhausted, as will I. Things that should be easy, will end up in absolute drama. 

erk. It’s with utter apprehension that I get up this morning. So, for now, I’ll chill in bed ignoring them, while somehow still intervening in all the inevitable fisticuffs.

Hoping for the best on what is an otherwise glorious day…








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