My small ones.


Me and my sister – circa the brownest decade ever. The 80’s. Look at the marvel that is my bowl cut!

I have never felt the sense of solidarity and understanding that I feel with my little sister. She is hands down the best person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is honest and kind and basically the most generous person on earth.

That, for me, is one of the main reasons we decided to try for a second baby. I feel very lucky to have two lovely children and even luckier still that they get on so well (most of the time.)

I know that in the years to come, there will be squabbles and fights galore. Underneath it all though, I always hope there will be that indelible tie that bonds them and holds them together. When we as parents (inevitably) embarrass them, or tell them off, that they will be able to turn to each other and groan/roll their eyes/ sigh etc, and know that the other understands what they are thinking.

I’m hoping to encourage this bond in every way possible, which isn’t always an easy task when both children are so dissimilar. So, I guess I’ll grit my teeth and try my best to bear it when the eyes do get rolled, or when I overhear them talking about something I did that made me look totally uncool, and understand it is for the greater good.

hmm. Hoping that I can get a few more years under my belt before this time, but I suspect my daughter already knows how to roll her eyes…



6 thoughts on “Siblings.

  1. Made me smile and miss my sister who’s overseas. And also brought back a small sense of relief that my two littlies (1&3), won’t always fight for my attention and will one day have a beautiful bond like us. Thanks😊

  2. You were (are) always the leading light of my life dear sister! The moment I realised I couldnt follow in your footsteps was both terrifying and illuminating. There has never been anyone else that could understand us the way we do each other and I miss you all enormously! LOVE your blogs 🙂 xxx

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