Everywhere Wind

You know the type. You sit in the office looking out the window at the mild breeze stirring in the trees thinking,

‘Oh what a joy my ride home will be this afternoon’.

You happily head out the door popping the helmet on. The weather still looks mild and innocuous even as you jump on your bike.

Then LO! Whats this. Wind buffeting from all directions. It shouldn’t really be possible, but it is. By all reasoning, as you turn the corner of the long straight that normally takes 5 minutes, and today took 15, the wind should settle into something a bit more reasonable, but no. 

Look at these trees, not a movement between them.



By all outward appearances the day is calm and still, but don’t be fooled! I was, and it’s too late for me, I am already infuriated by the invisible, but very VERY present wind.



Ahh, my old nemesis. I thought I had left you behind in Wellington.

And while I am on a mini rant, why is it that I am too shy to pillage this glut of Pears on a line up of trees that no-one else is touching. It seems so wasteful!



Look at those lovelies, tempting me. But no. I’m doomed to bike past them twice daily and leave them to the birds.





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