It’s late, little baby boomerang

So late, it is in fact early. So early that the clock reads 3:48 am. GAH, no-one should ever have to read 3:48 am on a clock. Let alone me, the reigning queen of needing a full 9 hours sleep every night. Here I am though at this unspeakable hour of the morning, stirring, wondering why I feel like I haven’t slept for the last hour.

Oh, wait. There is a small but significantly sprawled being beside me in bed. I have already put her to bed twice earlier in the night, but the sneaky mite has returned again!


Excuse the grainy image

So, slowly but surely, the kicking and sporadic wriggling eases me into consciousness. Finally, I give in and carry the small back to her own bed. In this state, I don’t mean to do it, but I walk past the clock in the kitchen, and gauge my state of tired with the amount of sleep I’m still able to get. 3:48 am… Sounds okay, but the inevitable truth is that its near impossible to fall back asleep after a mini disruption like this. Thoughts start as a trickle which then get pushed back into the depths of the mind, and then suddenly one thought pops into the foreground, and the tidal wave begins. School, snacks, uniforms, work, schedules, ideas, birthday preparations…The list of tiny but keeping me awake problems compounds until my ONLY thought is


And once this thought enters the fray, sleep is a loooong way off.

So I lie. Bleary, but ever hopeful that the mind can settle, and I can claim one more hour before the inevitable adventure that is daytime begins again.

DSC_0122Fearless Juni – counting the sheep I am too awake to dream about


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