Random thoughts on why I love Op Shopping so much

We don’t call it Thrift Shopping here in the far faaaaaaar south of the world. Thrift Shopping sounds exotic to me.

Nope. Once, or twice (honestly, maybe five times) a week I pick the kids up and drag them to at least one Op (Opportunity) Shop. I am trying to force them to love it.  One day they will, unfortunately for them, they have the Compulsive Op Shop gene from every which direction in my family.

I’m sure I can trace it back to the far reaches of history and the Hunter/Gatherer instinct, or is it an obsession for an object with history? I don’t really know.

I do love pondering an objects previous life, especially seriously old items, like this vintage lace brooch from Nottingham in England (gift from my great grandfather to my great grandmother).

Image It seems an enchanting notion to me, that something is most likely to survive me on this planet. Unless it is one of these crystal glasses, my kids seem to have a real penchant for smashing these bad boys.

Image(Crystal-ware via my sister, who has a better op shopping eye than me)


Whatever the reason, I am addicted. Hawkes Bay is fairly average when it comes down to it, the days of the glory that was Wellington Op Shops is long gone, but I will continue to drag my poor kiddies around with me to hunt out the next big thing, whatever it may be.

Image(Pumpkin also via my rad little blister)

How awesome is this little mite! I don’t think I could bring myself to eat such a tiny, tiny specimen. No doubt it will sit on the window sill until one day, I notice it as a sad concave husk of its former self. Long may it last!

And, I’m out. Randomest post ever!!




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