Why don’t I take my kids out more often?

Because it always leads to this…ImageAhhh, you can barely see her. But there she is, on the ground like her world is ending. All because I asked her to share the juice.Image

Testing the old pixel action on my camera to see if I can get some facial. What a grump! And the passers by all looking on and wondering why a mother would let such a bedraggled mess cry alone in the middle of the market.

ImageMe, in my hayfever/flu/constantly impending asthma attack like state, foolishly thinking that a trip to the market might benefit us all, instead of the inevitable. Ending in my kids acting like the world is ending because the size of the croissant is half what it normally is.

Woe. At least there are always the carp. Peculiar slimy creatures that the kids are always loving to visit.Image


Obligatory photo of the kids behind bars, and me wishing I could lock the in there, just long enough for me to down a coffee next door. Promise.ImageSTAY!




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