Iiiiiiiiit’s Groundhog Day!

Or, maybe it’s not. It’s not really something us middle earth folk notice, due to the lack of Groundhogs.
Regardless, it feels like the movie version at the moment. I guess I should talk about it being Winter, and the inevitable slowing down and taking stock. Nourishing broths (of which there have been a few in our household recently) etc..etc. But I’m about ready for some longer days, perhaps introducing that extra hour of daylight back in to the evenings to make it feel like life ‘s not just consisting of bed, work, home, dinner, shower, bed, work, home, dinner, bed, work, home, dinner, bed, work, flu, beeeeeeeeeeed, dinner – y’know.

Here are some photos to prove we still exist…But that aren’t really very interesting to the general populace.

Pizza’s, picnics and selfies.







The joys of winter time and it’s sometimes mundane same-samey-samesame routine.


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