Look, see. Nope, you don’t do you.

Now, I have a terrible habit of spending money, all the while justifying it to myself completely. I need these boots as they are at least 2 cm longer than my other black boots, and I can match them to that new black skirt. My life will only be complete if I purchase that coat that is a slightly better version of the coat sitting at the back of my wardrobe… Ooh it costs a lot, ah well, it matters not, I will justify it to myself somehow. Don’t believe me? Hang about…

ImageThis depressing sea of black is my ‘lower half’ drawer. Skirts/shorts/jeans etc (about thirty seven pairs of lycra tights, because lycra was the best invention of the 21st century and, why not.) So, I have valiantly decided on a ‘No Spend’ month, like a smattering of folk around the interwebs. This includes op-shops, and far be it from me to lie to the internet, so now I HAVE to do it. I have already failed once for something as mundane as moisturiser, so am now beginning my month from the 7th of April. GO. And also, note to self, STOP BUYING BLACK, I no longer live in Wellington where it is the uniform du jour, so why my obsession for another black skirt (I already have 17.)

In less tragic news, we had a decent long power cut this evening, and it got me thinking as I was out wandering the moors in the drizzling rain trying to escape the madness that is two kids and a husband (insert winkie face here) for half an hour, can I eat this?ImageLook at this glorious fellow, either totally delicious, or totally, innocuous looking, but going to kill me.Image

Can I eat it? Probably not, I bet it has a name like Poisonous Betty. Waaaaaaay too chicken to try it, but I would definitely like to get a bit more down with the old gatherer side of human instinct, if just because I am far too stingy, and would like to eat/grow more free food.

And that’s all. Because it has been raining for about a billion years (read three days) and I am bored of rain, and all of the madness it brings (washing, inside kids, muggy damp house, etc.)



This is my life now.




First of all, it is key to note that it’s Friday night. Also key, is that it is not an unusual Friday, sadly, the opposite. This is my view.ImageExcuse the image. Grainier than a desert. Don’t despair for me, somewhere under 2 billion items of clothing/bedding misc, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Oh, no wait. There is no light, just a constant, never-ending stream of folding /washing /hanging out/ getting in /folding /washing /rewashing due to leaving the wet clothes in the machine too long…And the ultimate, PUTTING CLOTHES AWAY. Worst job ever!

And so it goes on.

Somedays, I would like to incinerate the entire lot and just wear one hemp sack, between the lot of us. But then I suck it up, and go and get the washing in so it can be folded… … …

Heavy stuff, I know!

ImageMy father and his partners linen cupboard. I can barely look at it without withering with envy. Everything these two touch turns to fold. (See what I did there? No? Meh, I’m delirious with over-folding).

Anyway, I’m off to put the washing away, along with the kids I can hear sneaking around the house behind me.