Look, see. Nope, you don’t do you.

Now, I have a terrible habit of spending money, all the while justifying it to myself completely. I need these boots as they are at least 2 cm longer than my other black boots, and I can match them to that new black skirt. My life will only be complete if I purchase that coat that is a slightly better version of the coat sitting at the back of my wardrobe… Ooh it costs a lot, ah well, it matters not, I will justify it to myself somehow. Don’t believe me? Hang about…

ImageThis depressing sea of black is my ‘lower half’ drawer. Skirts/shorts/jeans etc (about thirty seven pairs of lycra tights, because lycra was the best invention of the 21st century and, why not.) So, I have valiantly decided on a ‘No Spend’ month, like a smattering of folk around the interwebs. This includes op-shops, and far be it from me to lie to the internet, so now I HAVE to do it. I have already failed once for something as mundane as moisturiser, so am now beginning my month from the 7th of April. GO. And also, note to self, STOP BUYING BLACK, I no longer live in Wellington where it is the uniform du jour, so why my obsession for another black skirt (I already have 17.)

In less tragic news, we had a decent long power cut this evening, and it got me thinking as I was out wandering the moors in the drizzling rain trying to escape the madness that is two kids and a husband (insert winkie face here) for half an hour, can I eat this?ImageLook at this glorious fellow, either totally delicious, or totally, innocuous looking, but going to kill me.Image

Can I eat it? Probably not, I bet it has a name like Poisonous Betty. Waaaaaaay too chicken to try it, but I would definitely like to get a bit more down with the old gatherer side of human instinct, if just because I am far too stingy, and would like to eat/grow more free food.

And that’s all. Because it has been raining for about a billion years (read three days) and I am bored of rain, and all of the madness it brings (washing, inside kids, muggy damp house, etc.)