Why can’t my Chickens be friends, and other tales of woe.

My mum brought us a couple of beautiful little Bantam hens the other day and one promptly flew away and got eaten(there is more to this story, but it is a sorry tale). I felt terrible for her sister, and was kindly gifted another hen by a friend. Well, lo and behold, they despise each other. Watch this space for happy developments, but I am not holding my breath. The little lady Bantam was happiest with her mirror as her companion I suspect.

While I’m on the topic, why is it so hard for my kids to maintain a more even tempered and calm relationship. Why does it always have to be so tumultuous.

One second my children are trying to tear each others faces off, and the next they are in laughing hysterically. I don’t get it, I can only be the even tempered (read:shouty) adjudicator and try and keep them side tracked as much as possible.

Why wont my little girls fringe grow. She looks like a certain South African singer who I Google imaged and her photos are the stuff of my nightmares…ImageThis is honestly the least scary image I could find… I can’t look.


My babes hair…


A better angle perhaps.


Anyway, as my mum and the Mainland Cheese ad say, Good Things Take Time.

Why do I keep thinking it is a good idea to pick Walnuts. My kiddies spend each outing scrapping and whinging and complaining and asking to get back into the car and go home. No matter what I try, it seems fated for disaster. Here is the most pleasant of the pictures from the latest outing.



They were complaining loudly about the cow by-product on the track. Like WHAT BUSINESS does animal waste have being in the outdoors. Look at her little face there in the background. It is horrified! Waaaaay too precious my two. My mum would say they take after me.