Happiness is a beautiful nail

Bit of deception in that title, as I tried to google the correct nail, about a thousand images of decorated fingernails bombarded my google page. Gross. Anyway, I am talking about this.


It is rare these days to see such a beautiful detail in a house, let alone in a garage, whose only view is out to this…ImageAlright, I will acquiesce that such a view is more than worth of a few well chosen details. And can you spy my little pobble roaming across the stones?

New Zealand seems to have an obsession with cheap building materials, which only serves as a stark contrast when one stumbles upon finishes such as this.ImageOr this.Image

P’raps I am being a bit silly about it. But Copper trim? Stainless steel details that have been welded with the utmost care? It really is lovely to see such stunning work. Kudos to the craftsperson that created this simple, yet beautifully detailed work. I loved walking past this and seeing actual real timber being used with so little embellishment.

Probably I was a little bit crazed with the fact that we were finally going on a tiny mini vacation with some very dear friends, but I was hyper sensitive to how lovely everything was. Weather, surroundings, family, friends, finally some quiet, and a very decent game of charades to top it all off.

And, Ta daaaaaa, she can even levitate the stones?ImageTired stones after a busy day of being levitated.Image


ImageI wish I lived here and could just wander out into the water each morning for a swim.

Bring on the next tiny, mini, itty bitty vacay.